What’s happening this week at Elsie Quirk

We at the Elsie Quirk Library wish to thank our patrons, who ventured cautiously through the library doors this week, for being understanding of the social distancing measures we have put in place, and so courteous and kind. We know it is a very different library experience and that some elements are difficult—for us too! We are in this with you and, as always, our foremost concern is serving the community to the very best of our abilities.

In these trying and uncertain circumstances, we are working extra hard to find new and innovative ways to be of service. While we continue to encourage you to explore our virtual programs and the many digital resources highlighted on the Sarasota County Libraries website, we recognize that digital weariness has set in for many. If that describes you, come in and pick up a To-Go bag from our display; each bag has 5 items all packed up and ready to go. Check out the Purrrrfect Reads bag for cat lovers; or the Hero or Villain bag to explore fictional and historical figures in new light. Or Out of this World, or Women Who Won’t Be Shushed, or Weekend Getaway…there’s a wide range of choices for a wide range of readers! If movies are more your cup of tea, check out our To-Go movie night bags in the DVD section.

For those who miss the library as a physical place for life-long learning, and as an environment in which to engage with current events or community concerns in a thoughtful, expansive manner, or as a respite from the loud and contradicting voices flooding from the internet and television, we are here for you. Check out our display commemorating Juneteenth, and exploring the urgent conversation on racial justice taking place locally and nationally. Take one of our media literacy flyers to help in navigating the modern news landscape. Ask at the reference desk for resources to better understand varying and nuanced perspectives on any issue that interests or concerns you.

The beauty of public libraries is that they are an intersection of the entire community, and are relevant to one and all—whether you are looking for some good cupcake-themed mysteries or a re-education, a poignant movie or music to inspire action, instructions for repairing plumbing or lessons to learn a new language, bedtime stories or rebellious books for teens, you can find it at the library. At Elsie Quirk, we are here to help you discover what you come in the door to seek!

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