What’s happening this week at Elsie Quirk

At the Elsie Quirk Library, we are all in to get out the vote. We won’t tell you who or what to vote for, but we’ll help you find out where, how, and when. And we’ll provide nonpartisan sources so you can make up your own fine minds. Being an engaged participant in a democracy is a serious business, but we’re here to make voting fun as well!

Come into Elsie Quirk and visit the ballot box at our front desk to vote for your favorite author! It’s a tough choice with such a broad field of candidates, and we are excited to see who wins. On Election Day, we will draw one voter from the ballot box. Our election winner will receive not a term in office, but a lovely tote bag and mug.

For more voting fun, make your way to our youth and teen section where you can cast your vote in the Marvel vs DC contest. We know that this is a heated, ongoing debate, with very strong opinions on both sides. We have graphic novels for children, teens, and adults for undecided voters still needing to do some research and contemplating. As mentioned, libraries are staunchly nonpartisan; otherwise, I would be able to tell you that Batgirl is far and away from the best superhero, being a librarian by day, and thus DC is the clear winner.

Speaking of heroes, Elsie Quirk Library’s own Alyssa Scanlon has won Sarasota County’s Stellar Award, for going above and beyond in the course of her work. Alyssa initiated and coordinated the library system-wide reemployment form project. This project involved setting libraries up as pick up and drop off locations for paper reemployment forms, during the period that the state reemployment site was crashing under the weight of the sudden dramatic increase in applications. It was a boon to our community in a time of distress and we are so proud to see her efforts celebrated.

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