What’s happening this week at Elsie Quirk

The Elsie Quirk Library is pleased to introduce Marcus Gilfert as our new Adult Services Librarian. Marcus’ librarian journey brought him to us from the North Port Library, but his path previously wound through the Englewood Charlotte Library as well, so he is no stranger to the strengths and charms of our community. Come into Elsie Quirk and say hello to Marcus, ask him your trickiest reference questions, or chat with him about the books you love!

Marcus and all of us at the Elsie Quirk Library are, of course, scientists. (If you are skeptical, come down to the library and look it up in our big dictionary, under L for Library Science, where it will say, “the study or the principles and practices of library care.” ) As very important scientists, we advise on reading and movie selections; run experimental programs that you can access online or take in a to-go bag; assess and compile information to inform the public; and sometimes have wild hair and lightbulbs flashing above our heads.

If you’re a regular in the library, you may have noticed that, unlike other scientists, we don’t wear lab coats; that is because we are undercover scientists, plying our dewey decimal formulas and mixing our fictional compounds in plain clothes, all causal like. But now that you know, you can come visit our public lab on Dearborn Street and tell us what we can cook up, conjure, discover, postulate, synthesize, or invent for you! Or, if you prefer to turn your own home into a lab of wild library science, explore the Sarasota County Libraries website for databases, digital programs, reference questions by chat, and so much more.

At Elsie Quirk, we have great community chemistry, we have mastered time travel (through print, audio, and visual materials), and best of all, we don’t charge lab fees for our services. It is truly our pleasure to operate the Elsie Quirk Library Science Lab right here in Englewood and we look forward to innovation and revelation for years to come!

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