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Adult woman relaxing on cozy bed in log cabin in cold winter. Reading book in warm house.

What’s happening this week? Jan. 24,2020

As I write this column, I am sitting in my office in the corner of the Elsie Quirk Library trying to think fiery thoughts to warm my hands up after being out in this impossibly cold weather we’re having.…

Film background.

What’s happening this week? Jan. 17,2020

The Elsie Quirk Rise Up Film Festival will be in full swing in the coming week with our series of matinees, featuring thought-provoking movies that explore courage and determination in the face of inequity.  While these movies address weighty…

Stack of hardback books and Open book lying on bench at sunset park against blurred nature backdrop. Copy space, back to school. Education background. Toned image.

What’s happening this week? Jan. 10,2020

While setting up Elsie Quirk’s library-wide January exhibit, exploring themes of liberation, resistance, and courageous cooperation, I got to thinking about the banjo. Well, I was thinking about how the sharing of culture and tradition can help people humanize…

Goodbye 2019 Happy New Year 2020 lettering on beach with wave and clear blue sea on sunny day. Handwritten inscription 2019 and 2020 on beautiful golden sand beach. New Years 2020 replace 2019 concept

What’s happening this week? Jan. 3,2020

We at Elsie Quirk wish one and all a 2020 full of joy, curiosity, uplift, good health, and good reads! This January, the Elsie Quirk Library is hosting a poster series—part of an initiative sponsored by the Jewish Federation…

image of a stack of hard back books on the end of the pages toned with a retro vintage warm instagram like filter app or action effect

What’s happening this week? Dec. 20, 2019

Since writing about it in this column last month, I am still percolating Carlo Rovelli’s perspective-shifting book, The Order of Time, and subsequently have had several conversations about the haphazardness of designating time and days and months. Here we…

Student and librarian with books stack in the library or bookstore

What’s happening this week? Dec. 13, 2019

A conversation with a community member this week, regarding surreptitiously reading Dear Abby, has me thinking about advice. Of all of the things I learned, or didn’t learn, in junior high school, what stuck with me the most was…

Little boy reading a book and drinking hot cocoa in decorated cozy living room. Happy kid on Christmas time. Activity for children on winter holidays

What’s happening this week? Dec. 6, 2019

In the winter season, what I celebrate as a librarian, with joyful exuberance, is the commonality of the many, many winter holiday traditions, here in Florida and around the world. The use of light to represent the seeking of…

Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream and cinnamon on rustic background, top view. Homemade pastry for Thanksgiving traditional Pumpkin Pie.

What’s happening this week? Nov. 29, 2019

This time of year allows us to pause for gratitude and reflection, to savor pumpkin and nutmeg, and perhaps to curl up with a stack of books or a pile of DVDs. The Elsie Quirk Library can help you…

Happy young woman reading a book by the window in the fall

What’s happening this week? Nov. 22, 2019

Libraries often emphasize the myriad resources available to patrons, proving the notion of a library as just a bunch of books and a shusshy librarian to be wildly inaccurate.  We have a lot of ground to stand on there,…