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April is National Poetry Month, and Elsie Quirk Library is ready with your poetry needs.  Whether you want to pick a up a classic or something more modern, the display at the front of adult non-fiction will fit the bill.  Check out the poetry Dewey non-fiction section 800 for even more choices.  The Poet Tree has a selection of poems for kids to literally pick from and take home.

Kids poems can also be found in the 800s non-fiction area of the Children’s department.  A series of poems is available to hear on the library’s poetry Vimeo page.  April 29 is Poem in Your Pocket Day.  We’d love it if you share your poem with us through the Friends of the Library Facebook Page

Elsie Quirk Library

Elsie Quirk Library is also recognizing Money Smart Week, April 10-17.  Check out Elsie Quirk Public Library’s Money Smart Week display for items that can help you get started with financial products, put finances in order, prepare for retirement, or make a nest egg last.

For the computer savvy, we have many materials online to help you with your financial needs.  Online books and audiobooks are available on Cloud Library, Overdrive, and Hoopla through the library website.  Plus you can find information on investments through the Morningstar and Value Line online resources.  While these are available from home, you can gain additional access with our in library license.  You can also find several programs during Money Smart Week here.

Speaking of finances, if you haven’t received your latest stimulus check or direct deposit yet, you can check with the IRS database here.  The same site will help you claim the first or second stimulus check if you were overlooked.  Finally, the Federal Tax due date was extended until May 17, but if you pay a state income tax in another state you should check with that state as not all states extended the deadline past April 15.  Florida does not have a state income tax. 

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