Become a Friend

The Friends of the Elsie Quirk Library was created to ensure that the citizens of Sarasota County have a strong and secure library now and in the future. The success of our efforts will depend on you, our supporters. Gifts of every size are needed and very much appreciated. We’ll keep your personal and financial information confidential and, if you wish, list you as “Anonymous” on our donor listings. We thank you for your generosity.

Levels of membership available:

  • Child under 12, $5
  • Individual, $10
  • Family, $20
  • Contributor, $30
  • Sponsor, $50
  • Benefactor, $100
  • Patron, $500 and up

Reasons to become a Friend of The Friends of the Elsie Quirk Library:

  • The county depends on the Friends contributions in excess of $20,000/yr and over 4,000 volunteer hours/yr to help the library function at full potential
  • Friends provide funding for educational programs for all age groups. Free to all patrons!
  • Friends sponsors book discussion groups, Great Decisions group and a summer adult reading group.
  • Friends provide money for library equipment, guest speakers, and books not funded by the Sarasota County Library budgets.
  • Friends offer opportunities for volunteers to operate the Friends Bookstore and maintain our Golden Reading Garden.
  • Friends offer a $1,000 college scholarships for outstanding Elsie Quirk Library teen volunteers and $1000.
  • Friends maintain a website and provide newsletters to keep Friends updated. Also, visit us on Facebook at Friends of Elsie Quirk.