Attention library lovers!

Are you passionate about supporting education and community engagement? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you! Join the Friends of Elsie Quirk Public Library and help us make a difference!

Did you know that the county depends on the Friends’ contributions of over $20,000 per year and more than 4,000 volunteer hours per year to keep the library functioning at its full potential? With your support, we can continue to provide funding for educational programs for all age groups free of charge to all patrons. From book discussion groups and Great Decisions to a summer adult reading group, the Friends of Elsie Quirk Library is dedicated to enriching the lives of all library users.

Not only do we support educational programs, but we also provide money for library equipment, guest speakers, and books that aren’t funded by Sarasota County Library budgets. We also offer opportunities for volunteers to operate the Friends Bookstore and maintain our Golden Reading Garden.

And for our fantastic teen volunteers, the Friends offer $1,000 college scholarships for outstanding service to the library. Stay updated on all of our efforts by visiting our website and subscribing to our newsletters. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook at Friends of Elsie Quirk!

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