Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers at The Friends of the Elsie Quirk Library Bookstore sell gently used hardcover and paperback books, books on tape, DVD’s, CD’s and magazines. Business is booming, especially during the winter months thanks to the efforts of Camille Thinnes and her dedicated staff. It’s a never-ending job-cleaning shelves to make way for new arrivals, unpacking donations, and assisting customers. Often, large donations must be picked up and transported to the library, sorted and stored in the tiny work area. It’s all worth it, according to Camille.

Any “extra” books are put to good use. Books are sold to area teachers at “very” discounted prices. Students send letters of appreciation to Camille. Here’s one from 11 year old Courtnee who says: “I like books with drama. I read young adult books that are written by women because women authors usually write about girls. I can’t relate to boys. Anyway, thanks sooooo much!”

Books are also donated to servicemen through different associations, and to churches and nursing homes. If possible, donations should be made between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the bookstore.

The bookstore is open every day during regular library hours unless a volunteer is not available. The following members serve regularly: Miriam Alba, Gloria Gayer, Fran Consolazio, Marilyn Cobb Peg Johnson, Odie Kourapis, Vera Landi, Louise Little, Lois Overton Linda Ricke, Beth Sarles, Jim Snelgrove, Camille Thinnes, Tina Tullo, Helen Wikoff.

Hours can be flexible, and it’s quite easy to sign up from a home computer. Click here to register to volunteer on a regular basis. In a week or two, Michelle Strickland, volunteer coordinator, will contact you. Bookstore volunteers are available to help you as well. Volunteers have helped Elsie Quirk Library thrive and grow since 1962.

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